My New Starbucks Go-To

Hey Starbucks Lovers, Starbucks is, of course, a classic American teenager's go-to place for school, hangouts, or just a way to get out of the house. I love the vibes it gives off and all the Starbucks in my town have super amazing employees. Recently I went to Starbucks to study. I was scrolling through … Continue reading My New Starbucks Go-To


What if Valentines Day was different?

Hey guys! As you know Valentine's Day is only a couple days away, and to be honest I'm not incredibly excited about it. Valentine's day is one of those holidays that are too hyped up. I mean I get the concept, but if we are not dating or married to someone, it makes the rest of us … Continue reading What if Valentines Day was different?

One Week of Healthier Habits

Hey beautiful people! As I lay here in bed listening to aesthetic music, I have decided to really work on my health this week. I know it's weird to think about but summer isn't too far away. On that note, I need to start disciplining myself. When I say health I'm not just talking physically, … Continue reading One Week of Healthier Habits

7 YouTube Channels You Need to Check Out

Hey! Today I will be showing you, my favorite YouTube channels. There's a catch though... they all have less than 1 million subscribers. That means there is a good chance you have never heard of them. I recommend all of these channels 100%. All thoughts are my own. Enjoy! -Alivia D'Andrea- {currently has 472,491 subscribers} … Continue reading 7 YouTube Channels You Need to Check Out

Beauty Blender Review and 101

Hey guys! After what seemed like ages I finally decided to get the original beauty blender. In the past, I would buy cheap knock-offs and tried to imagine that the actual beauty blender was definitely the same. Over time the knock-offs would literally break apart. Finally, I decided that I spent the same amount of money … Continue reading Beauty Blender Review and 101

Happy New Years Eve!

Well, we are hours away from midnight and saying goodbye to yet another year. I'm super excited about starting a new year because this is a chance to start over, quit old habits, make better habits, and become a better person. I encourage you to write down theses three things.... 1. One habit your gonna … Continue reading Happy New Years Eve!

My Current Skincare Routine

Hey you! Welcome or welcome back to Sweet Daisy Girl! In this post, I will be sharing my current skincare routine. If you read my 3 Baking Soda Hacks That I Use you know that my skincare routine in the Winter is different then the rest of the year. You might be wondering "Well Katelyn, … Continue reading My Current Skincare Routine

~Tomorrow is a New Day~

  Happy Monday! As you probably know our country is going through a lot right now. I pray that if you or someone you know has been affected by Irma or Harvey that you find peace and comfort. Aside from all our country is dealing with I know lots of friends and family who are … Continue reading ~Tomorrow is a New Day~

How to Get Rid of End of Summer Sadness

Hey Beautiful Babes! Okay, let's face it the end of Summer is here. This Summer was truly amazing and I had lots of fun experiences! From hanging out with friends, to having dance team practices, to going to a life-changing camp. It's been an truly amazing Summer! Now it is time to get back to … Continue reading How to Get Rid of End of Summer Sadness

Fashion Trend: Floral

Hey Beautifuls! In this post, we will be talking about a trend that has been spotted many times during this summer! Floral patterns have become a fashion trend this summer that cannot go unnoticed. I have LOVED this trend so much! I'm not normally a floral type gal, but I have really enjoyed going out … Continue reading Fashion Trend: Floral