My First Post

Hello my fellow beauties! My name is Katelyn and I’m filled with joy that you stopped by my little corner of the internet! This blog has so many fun topics to talk about. I will go into detail about what each category will contain in a second, but first let me tell you little bit about my background.
I’m a young teen who loves Jesus, Dance, Music, Family, Friends, and the color maroon. I started this blog to give you encouragement and personal tips to help you with your wonderful life.
The categories we will be talking about are
-Food and Drinks
These are my joys in life!

The first category I will tell you about is BEAUTY
This is one of my favorite topics! I have a true passion for cosmetology and hoping in a couple of years I will be able to enroll in a local beauty school. This category will contain Routines, Product reviews, tips, and advice revolving around hair, makeup, and nails. I’m feel so blessed to be able to talk about my passion with you. I hope you find pleasure in reading this and applying it to your life to give you a little extra happiness in your life

Okay, this is going to be so much fun! I get to make, eat, and teach you how to make delicious food and refreshing drinks, and you benefit by getting to make and eat (or drink) these delicious and delicious recipes! Let’s get real who doesn’t like food? You might not like certain food or certain kinds of food, but we all have at least one dish or certain food that we have a special connection with. Whether that certain food was served at a special moment in your life, or you grew up eating it, there are some foods we can’t get enough of. Also, there are some we haven’t tried. I hope I will be able to do a combination of familiar and unfamiliar drinks and food you haven’t tried.

This is where I will be sharing my adventures, my routines, and my life!
I might post about what parks to go to when your visiting Canada, or tips on coming up with a perfect morning routine, and even recent events going on in my life! Everything in this category can be applied to your life.

Up next (you can obviously see I can’t think of anything that doesn’t require the word next) FASHION
In this topic, we will talk about the latest fashion trends, certain styles, and styling tips and tricks. This is something I would love you guys to contact me about. Maybe you want to hear my opinion high waited swimsuit, or want to see my back to school shopping spree. I’m open to it!

Last but certainly not least FAITH
This is going to be the very encouraging and empowering part of my blog. A little background on my faith. I’m a Christian and I have no shame admitting that. My God is an incredible God and nothing compares to him. This area of my blog will be teaching you about your wonderful creator. I will also show you life lessons that I have learned about God and life.
As you can see we have so much to look forward to! I pray that I will be able to impact you, even if only a little. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I if you have any suggestions please hover over to the CONTACT category at the top. Also, if you have the chance go over to the ABOUT category right by the CONTACT Category.

I pray this blog brightens your day and adds a little sweetness along the way!

love y’all,


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