Fashion Trend: Floral

Hey Beautifuls!

In this post, we will be talking about a trend that has been spotted many times during this summer! Floral patterns have become a fashion trend this summer that cannot go unnoticed. I have LOVED this trend so much! I’m not normally a floral type gal, but I have really enjoyed going out of my norm. I bought this one tank top that is reversible and it’s honestly one of my favorite tops! Here are some ideas to try out with this trend:

1: You can’t go wrong with a floral jumpsuit or romper.

2: Try out a floral bathing suits.

3: Try floral patterned shoe apparel. Try to find some cute converse, high heels, or sandals.

4: Try some floral skirts.

5: Try floral accessory’s. Headbands, bracelets, earrings, even rings are super stylish and cute.

6: Try some floral nail art designs or even fake floral nails.

7:  There are to die for floral shorts and jeans.

8: One word… floral overalls…uh yes please.

9: You need to try a floral dress.

10: Last but certainly not least…floral handbags.

I hope you feel very inspired to try out this trend! Comment down below your favorite idea and/or if you have tried any of these out. Feel free to follow my blog so you get notified when I post new content!

Hope this blog brightens your day, and adds a little sweetness along the way!




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